First Time Mom: May 2015 – “I used Joyful Beginnings with my first child and have nothing but great things to say about the experience. My mom had home births and I knew it was always something I wanted. In every prenatal visit, I felt that they were fully focused on me and my baby. I felt very comfortable to ask any question I had and each appointment was never rushed. Joani Koenig is truly out to educate mothers and I really love that about her! She also does a great job of presenting you with all the information there is about a subject and allowing you to make an informed decision… I never felt manipulated into a decision or taking any test if I did not feel comfortable with it. I HIGHLY recommend Joyful Beginnings Birth Care if you are wanting a natural home birth.” – Laura (New Braunfels)

Third Time Mom: March 2015 – “Amazing!! The midwives are so helpful and friendly. They are knowledgable of all circumstances! They put me at ease with my first baby, I had a difficult delivery and they made is smooth. I had two more babies with them!! They have a HUGE heart for mommas and babies and you can tell that they truly love being midwives and that it’s not just a job to them, it’s a passion. I was able to check in with them any time I had questions or concerns. They are never pushy, they let you make your own educated and informed decision. The truly believe women’s bodies are made to go through the birthing process and they will let your body do what it needs to to bring baby into this world. They were very supportive but not intrusive or invasive. I HIGHLY recommend both midwives in this office! They are nothing but warm, welcoming and loving!” – Brandi (New Braunfels)

 First Time Mom: February 2015 – “Joani and Ashley were exactly the kind of care I wanted for my home birth! They were non-intrusive and they let nature take its course. They made me feel that they trusted nature and women’s ability to birth, which was very important to me. I even had a bit of a hiccup which made my labor take a very long time, but they never seemed stressed and encouraged me along the way. I felt safe and at peace with them both during pregnancy and during my birth!” – Esther (San Antonio)

 First Time Mom: February 2015 – “I was super anxious about having a baby for the 1st time, but Joani made the experience very calm and eased my fears. She was very knowledgeable, and it was great to be able to build a relationship with the person that delivered my baby. I will definitely be calling Joani again the next time I get pregnant!” – Casey (New Braunfels)

 VBAC Mom: May 2014 – “These midwives are so sweet and kind. They reassured my family members who were uneducated about home births! They empowered me to accomplish my VBA2C. I wouldn’t have it any other way! It was a fabulous experience! I caught my son in my own hands! He was on my chest immediately and was breastfeeding soon after!  We’re pregnant with baby #4 and we already plan to birth with Joyful beginnings again!” – Stephanie (New Braunfels)

VBAC Mom: “When I first starting looking for a provider for a VBAC, I was very disappointed to not find supportive OBs in our community. Turns out that was the best thing that could have happened to me, as it led me to Joyful Beginnings. Joani and her team provided great prenatal care. I always felt completely in charge of my own care, with them as my support team. They walked me through a variety of prenatal challenges, including gestational diabetes and PUPPS. GD was a tough diagnosis, as it put in jeopardy my plans for a home birth. Joani was so supportive and walked me through exactly what I needed to do to take the best care of myself and my baby. She held me accountable while always being loving and supportive, never critical. Labor was a long, slow process for me, and again Joani and Ashley were exactly the support I needed. They gave me good direction while always leaving me responsible for the ultimate decision of what to do next. I felt like my birth team was a little family, and I wouldn’t have traded a single member of it. I ended up having to transfer to the hospital, a fairly rare occurrence for Joyful Beginnings. It was a tough decision, not an emergency, but one Joani empowered me to make and supported me through the whole process. I’m not sure I could say enough good things about Joani and Ashley.
I would not hesitate to go back there if I were to have another baby.”
-Carol (New Braunfels)

Expectant Mom: – “After having a drug-free birth in a hospital for my first baby, I knew for future babies that I’d want another natural delivery, but in a more intimate setting.  Joani’s calm demeanor, thorough experience and professionalism has convinced me that a home birth is right for us.” – Sarah (New Braunfels)

First Time Mom: May 2010 – 3 weeks early! You have been God sent. I am so grateful to have met you and developed a relationship with you…. You have been amazing through my pregnancy and birth of  my daughter. Thank you for all of the advice and support. I know I could have done this without you, but I am glad I didn’t have to. – Tuesday (New Braunfels)

First Time Mom: October 2010 –We wanted to thank you so much for being our midwife. You are truly gifted at what you do. We learned so much from you and couldn’t be happier with how the labor and delivery went. We were so happy you were able to deliver our son. – Drew & Heidi (San Antonio)

VBAC  Dad : Sept 2010 – I am writing to thank you for the excellent service you provided before during and after the birth of our son. After experiencing the cold, traumatic, brutality of  a routine Caesarean Section, your non-interventive approach was a real breath of fresh air. I was amazed that birth could be as pleasant (by comparison) and as brief as it was. Our appointments with both of you were a welcome and striking contrast to the hurried, impersonal and cost-driven scheduling of the medical establishment. I loved just watching the two of you sit down in our bedroom and wait for our baby. What a concept!… My wife’s recovery was swift and cathartic. I really could go on and on about how wonderful the whole event was.  –  Adam (Canyon Lake)

VBAC Mom : Aug 2010 –Thanks for the support and the opportunity to have a great birth experience! – Linda & Richard (Converse)